­­­­­­­Coronet Acoustique Pour Les Oiseaux De Cantagal (Ear Trumpet for the Birds of Cantagal)

Was made for the exhibition Libre Comme L' Aire  (Free Like the Air) in Languedoc, France in 2002. Beautiful yellow blooming Genet surrounded the site. The site itself was geographically varied, hills, a fast-flowing river deep in a canyon bordered the site on one side and there were forested areas. I choose to use Genet (Common Broom-Cytisus scoparius or Genista scorpius) as the primary fiber with which I would shape my listening trumpets, along with  willow. We could often hear the nightingales singing from the site I chose, and so made the piece for listening to birdsong. The interior is coated with earth mixed with retted (rotted) genet. The trumpet was about my height at  5'5" long x 2' large end x 3.5" small end.