Landscape Plimpsest

A Collaborative Project About the Layered Story of the Land at the Land Institute, Salina County, Kansas, 1996

Collaborators: Karen McCoy, Brian Donahue-environmental historian and Director of Education at the Land Institute, Interns: Jim Boyd B.S. Mathematics, Aron Gannon B.S. in Ecosystems Biology, Jerry Glover, Soil Science, Tammy Hinnman B.S. Horticulture/Food Crops, Robin Mittenthal B.A. Biology, Jon Richardson B.A. Biology, Thomas Ruppert B.A. Literature and Philosophy, Sheri Walz Environmental Studies. 

The project included a gallery installation and a walk in the landscape. The gallery was the repository for the research done by the interns, distilled and presented graphically by McCoy. The palette used on the gallery walls was dominated by natural pigment colors found on The Land Institute's grounds, three pigments are from Matfield Shale found east of Saline County. The Landscape Palimpsest walk took viewers into the landscape that was the subject of our discussion and research for several months. The collaborators considered walking as inherently valuable since it slows our pace and allows for enhanced perception. PALIMPSEST walk encompasses some of the geophysical and cultural history of the place - it explores how nature, culture and agriculture have interacted over time at this place. The walk was designed to reveal some of this to the viewer. This was a project in which viewers participated by walking, seeing and remembering.

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