­­­­­­­Sighting Stations for the Woodswether Bicycle/Pedestrian Bridge: Confluence Station and River's Edge Station

Designed for barricade support system (support system itself designed by bridge engineer), Riverfront Heritage Trail, Kansas City, Kansas and Missouri, 2001 - 2005, framed diagrams and sighting tubes, galvanized and painted steel tubes and frames, water jet cut steel diagrams, frames - 35 x 44", tubes - 2" diameter x 24" long, engineer designed support structures - 124"H x 44" W x 24" D.  Tubes varying heights accommodate viewing for adults, children and people who are seated.

The sighting tubes penetrate through the surface of the steel barricade support structures to provide a view.  The River's Edge Station directs the viewer's attention to the place where water meets land. This is a particularly interesting, and often changing, ecological zone. The Confluence Station sighting tubes locate the confluence of the Missouri River and the Kansas River, though viewers must peer through a railroad bridge. This is a site of geographical, cultural and historical importance to humans who have inhabited this region since pre-history. This location at the confluence of two important rivers, was key in the founding of Kansas City.