Seemingly Unconnected Events: The Writing is on the Wall


installed in two galleries, Heat, Drought &; Fires Gallery and Water, Rains & Floods Gallery with an additional resource room. Wall texts drawn in Kansas mud featuring writings of Natalie Angier, Wendell Berry, Willa Cather, Stan Cox and Paul Cox, Wes Jackson, Elizabeth Kolbert, Karen McCoy, Arna Radovich, Naderev “Yeb” Saño, Vandana Shiva and Gary Snyder 15 x 11’ and 15 x 14’4”

Installation in the Red Barn Gallery, The Land Institute, Salina, Kansas, 2017

Plaster, cast into coiled newspaper molds and plastic non-recyclable consumer goods packaging. The newspaper molds are burned off the organic plaster casts leaving residue of text, color and singe marks on their complex surfaces.



Consuming Questions


contemporary consumer goods encased in red Missouri mud stabilized by PVA
26’l x 5’ average height x 40” d.

Photos: E.G. Schempf



Homage: Incidents on the Missouri River


Installation for Tributary at Healthy River’s Partnership, West Bottoms, Kansas City, Missouri, Missouri River sand and silt stabilized by local sorghum syrup, HO scale train model objects, 100’L x 3” H and 14” average width.



Oblivion Screen

(Seemingly Unconnected
Events 2)

installation at H&R Block Artspace, Kansas  City Art Institute, Kansas City, MO

sound and video projection, plastic packaging from personal consumption 2007-11, newspaper- twisted and charred, 8 x 15 x 9, ’(available space)



Sewing the Sea Blanket and Strange Simultaneity

An installation and action with video projection at H&R Block Artspace, Kansas City Art Institute, Kansas City, MO.





Dekalb Farmland Project: and You Must Always Begin From the Ground and Conversations About Deklab





Light and Shade Summer

Installation overview October 1997, The Chair Building, Kansas City, MO

uprooted and inverted castor plants, steel hooks, drawings, light-Derek Porter Studio, 12,000 sq feet of darkness with plants in lighted area, 70’ x12’ x 7’, drawings 11’ x 30’.



Revering Substances: A Garden Not Intended to Grow

University Minnesota, Morris, MN.


Corn kernels and earth in alternating rows 18’ square, inverted indigenous plants.