Invisible Operations

South Carolina Botanical Garden, Clemson, SC, 1999.

28 rammed earth geometric solids ranging in size from 1' square cubes to a wall 6'8" x 6' x 2', site: approx 1 acre.



Space for Contemplating Lithuania...All the While the Snails Crawled

Europos Parkus, Vilnus, Lithuania, 1998

Hazelnut saplings, rammed earth with straw and flax, moss, 20 x 25 x 7.5' at highest point, (6.1m x 7.6m x 2.3m)




ArtScience Collaborative
(ASC = "ask) Karen McCoy and Don Wilkison, Hydrologist, for In Situ at Kansas City Art Institute, Missouri, 1998

Native limestone laid in dry stone technique, site approximately 1 acre

15' diameter x 17' L x 20" average width and 17" H in seating area.

Dedicated to the memory Eddie Vanderfrift, stonemason, and our teacher. Special thanks to Todd Grieve, KCAI Sculpture student.



Landscape Plimpsest

Collaboration with Land Institute Environmental Historian and Director of Education, Brian Donahue and Interns.
Salina, Kansas, 1996




Sheaved Swamp

Blithwold Gardens, Bristol, Rhode Island, 1996

the past year's growth of Marsh Mallow and Purple Loosestrife tied with sisal twine, 100' x 150' x height of grasses



Ear Mapping

for "The Edge Of Town" exhibition, Harford Art School and the Joseloff Gallery, University of Hartford, Hartford, CT, 1995-6



Floating Pyramid for a Consideration of Cultural Notions of Wealth and Value

Providence, RI, 1994





for exhibition Ex Natura II curated by Jørn Ronneau, Randers, (Jutland) Denmark. 1994



Structures for Discourse on Light and Shade

Tranekaer International Center for Art and Nature. Langeland, Denmark, 1993



Considering Mother's Mantle: Project for Stone Quarry Hill Art Park

Cazenovia, NY, 1992



Perverse Cultivation

Project for Columbia Green Community College. Hudson, NY, 1992

Five sod covered wooden rafts floating, anchored, on creek, each 4' square.